Identifying Your Software Needs

So you have formulated a list of requirements that your computer automation project must address (see The Needs Analysis Process). Now is the time for identifying your software needs.

A Black man holding an iPad with many different charts.  Supporting the need for software that meets your requirements.
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To meet your business’ needs, you will need to identify which software will give you most of the features you require ‘out of the box’.

Try not to compromise with the feature list. Will it meet all your needs, or some of your business needs? Very rarely does a piece of canned software meet one hundred percent of your needs. A lot of times, however, you can find something that will do most of what you require. Just be aware of what that may mean for your business. For example, will you need to customize the software or purchase additional modules to do what you want.

Uncomplicated Computing will help you research and find the best software for your vertical market. And, that is within your budget.

Many times there will be Open Source Software (OSS) available that may meet your needs. Typically, OSS is free to use and modify. It depends on the type of software license it comes with. See the Open Source Definition.

Multiple pink 'sticky notes' showing phrases such as 'Customer Interviews' and 'Run a usability test'.  This in support of researching software that will meet the customer's needs.
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“Code generation, like drinking alcohol, is good in moderation.”

— Alex Lowe

After identifying your software needs you find that there is some critical part missing, you may need to customize your software.

Chris Foradas, Uncomplicated Computing

Uncomplicated Computing can help you with this part too. We will make sure to understand your firm’s business. In other words, we will stay within the agreed upon budget and timeframe for customizing the software.