Implementing a New System

Implementing your new system is more than just installing hardware or software. A lot of planning needs to happen before you move forward with your project.

For instance, have you thought about securing your system. Or, creating a disaster recovery plan or contingency plan? Are you aware of legislation regulating websites that require you to have a privacy policy page on your site? This is especially pertinent to eCommerce sites, where personal data is being collected.

If your installing hardware, you have to think about things like power, networking, and physical access and security. Simply put, it is more complicated than opening the box plugging it in. For example, software my need to be configured before the hardware will do anything.

Speaking of software, are you prepared to train your staff on its proper operation? Do you have the experience to implement it in the first place? These are all things that I explain in my post ‘Getting Help From a Consultant’.

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